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This website features limericks that I have contributed each day since February 2021 to the NYTimes Spelling Bee Facebook group. You can learn more about the group (which is private, but anyone can join) here. ┬áThe puzzle is a “hive” with six letters surrounding a center letter; the goal is to find as many words with four or more letters that include the center letter. At least one “pangram” including all the letters resides within each day’s hive, and solvers who find all the words deemed acceptable by the puzzle’s creator, Sam Ezersky, are awarded “Queen Bee.”

Since February 2021 I have been posting to NYTimes Spelling Bee a limerick (or the occasional sonnet) each morning featuring at least five words from the previous day’s puzzle. This website is where they live, indicating the date I wrote them and the accompanying hive (I post them the following day to avoid spoilers), and the image I posted alongside them in the group. Click on one of the links below to browse for specific limericks, or click here to browse limericks from the newest to the oldest. Enjoy!

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For nearly 120,000 more limericks like this (though not Spelling Bee-oriented), including 1309 by me, please visit OEDILF (The Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form).